The Fishin' Counsel
Ever notice how easy it is to focus on issues when you remove yourself from your work environment and truly clear your mind? Picture leaving the frenetic pace of your office - the calls, endless meetings and interruptions - and packing up your problems and concerns along with your fishing gear. The Greystone Consulting Group, Inc. invites you to nature's off-site workshop facility with a professional to guide you through your business challenges while enjoying the inspiration and serenity of fishing the Chesapeake's creeks and rivers or local lakes and reservoirs.

Jim Harden, President of Greystone, routinely puts on casual clothes and becomes The Fishin' Counsel. He brings over 35 years of technical, management, and consulting experience to small businesses, corporations, government and non-profit organizations- AND 45 years spent on the creeks and rivers of the Chesapeake Bay with his fishing rods and canoe. The Fishin' Counsel offers you a unique opportunity to relax and learn at the same time to solve problems in a novel way. Discover and confront what might be impeding or blocking your business success. Explore new avenues for healthy change and growth that will impact you and your organization.

All equipment is provided or bring your favorite gear.

Overview of Opportunities  |   Personal Renaissance  |    Painting a New Canvas 
 Art of Intimacy   |  Dialogues for Discovery   |  Exploring the Human Spirit