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Organizational Development     |    Training Services    |    Workshops/Seminars

Organizational Development

The Greystone Consulting Group excels at:

  • Conducting residential leadership development programs
  • Assessing an organization's strengths while discovering and addressing any roadblocks to its success.
  • Creating trusting climates for groups working together, more effectively and efficiently.
  • Facilitating meetings and retreats that deal with contentious and emotionally laden topics.
  • Designing and implementing interventions that accelerate sustainable, complex system changes.
  • Coaching of executives and their staffs who are eager to explore self and organization development.
  • Leading groups to an awareness of their operating styles and climate.

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Organizational Development     |    Training Services    |    Workshops/Seminars

Training Services

The Greystone Consulting Group's training services include a variety of workshops and seminars focused at executive, manager and supervisory levels, as well as intact work teams. However all training courses focus on each participant as a leader of his/her organization regardless of actual position in the organization. Over the years we have developed a basic set of principles, a sound framework, and a flexible approach to training that enhances organizational effectiveness and productivity.  

Training Methods

The use of appropriate training methods supports the goals and objectives of any successful training. Our classroom activities accommodate the interactive Experience-Identify-Analyze-Generalize model of organizing learning for adults. Different activities are appropriate depending on whether the learning involves acquiring knowledge, gaining a new skill, or developing a new attitude. The size of the participant group also affects the nature of the activities selected. Since learning styles also affect the selection of activities and aids, each participants' characteristics will be taken into account since their learning needs and capacities will differ depending on such factors as education and professional experience. Greystone's facilitators are experienced in selecting and utilizing different learning methods and resources needed to support a meaningful rather than marginal learning experience.

All of Greystone's instructors will tailor classroom discussions to meet current examples and work-related issues that will illustrate the subject matter with more relevancy to participants.
Sustainability Courses

As an active associate of Performance Support Systems (PSS), The Greystone Consulting Group also offers a series of courses that have been specifically designed to support the implementation of and to assure the sustainability of developmental opportunities created by the use of this powerful 360 degree assessment tool. Further details are available upon request.
Custom Designed Courses

Greystone also offers custom designed courses. We design and develop focused training in partnership with our clients. Each design and development process begins with an up-front assessment of participant and client needs to tailor the training content and method of delivery to meet the needs of participants and while supporting the goals of the organization. All of our workshops and seminars feature the experiential learning cycle -- a process that builds from individual experience to shared experience, contextual analysis, generalization of learning, and application to future experience.

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Organizational Development     |    Training Services    |    Workshops/Seminars

Workshops and Seminars

Some of Greystone's most popular workshops and seminars are outlined are as follows
These workshops consist of a core training module and supporting material generated from a variety of previous experiences and clients. 

We deliver our workshops and seminars to couples, groups, non-profits, and public and private organizations. Please click on the above link for each of the workshops to learn more, or contact us.

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