A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval.   

Mark Twain












Human Relationships at Work
If you want your company to undergo a positive transformation, you must set the example. Forge bonds with your people. Don't be afraid to ask about - and listen to - what they want, what they like and what has meaning for them. <read more>

Feedback is Not for Sissies
In order to be persistently successful, people and organizations need to understand and constantly adapt to their environment. This requires accessing information from that environment. Information that we're most often either blind to or is hidden from us. Only when this information is consciously moved into the open or public arena can we have trusting, creative, and truly communicative organizations. <read more>

Understanding Basic Human Behaviors at Work - What Drives You
Many organizations don’t see that employee performance, and its subsequent impact on customer engagement, revolve around intrinsic motivation determined in the brain. Recent discoveries in neurosciences support the fact that emotional processes are integral to learning, reasoning and decision-making. How can leaders improve their understanding of their employees’ strengths and motivating drives? <read more>


Changing Minds: How Hard is it?
All minds are hard to change; yet so many aspects of our lives are directed toward doing just that. We face a supplier who needs to respond more quickly, a subordinate who must perform a task differently, or a peer who should recognize the importance of our project and commit to it. We clearly acknowledge the need for others to change their minds and act differently. We also know the need to change our own minds at certain times.  <
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No matter how much partnership and empowerment there is, the CEO or small business president has ultimate authority and responsibility. But what about responsibility of the followers? The most capable team members fail when they gripe about their leader but do not say or do anything to help him or her improve or get back on track. This requires courage and skill. <
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