What is the power of the spoken word?

'Tis but to liberate and free one's spirit.

What is the power of the unspoken word?

'Tis but to imprison he who would not hear it.


So then how does one free the icicles from the tongue?

How does one galvanize to action and overcome?

Perhaps with the heat of passion to melt the ice.

Perhaps an all-encompassing desire will suffice.


Taking charge of the conversation is a mighty risk.

But no less than the one if it doesn't exist.

Strategize how, ... and this can be done...

Take a baby step now and then a giant one.


Hold a discussion of the possibilities that exist,

And converse along the lines of the extent to which…

Hone in on actions that bring you closer to your goal

Through values that steady and center your soul.


Feel your way over unfamiliar ground.

Discover the reasons that your passions abound.

Focus entirely on a complete exchange.

Learn from each moment a fuller spectrum or range.


Dig deeply into meanings and understand the intent.

Go boldly ahead armed with fire without repent.

Confront the waves only tangentially,

Ducking under and over sequentially.


Teach them to talk if there is no dialogue.

Provide the space if there is only a monologue.

Remove the tension through safe conversation;

Discover the future and join hands in elation.


Willa C. Gaitanis

May 1, 2000