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The Reality:


Everyone needs feedback!

To contribute to an organization's success, people need to know where they're strong and where they need to improve. An organization needs to know where and how to spend it's limited resources for training and professional development and feedback will show them the way.


The Challenge:

How can people improve if they don't know what their managers, co-workers and customers want from them?

The Solution:


20/20 Insight Gold

20/20 Insight Gold

State of the art software that simplifies the process of collecting multi-source (360) feedback for anyone in the organization.
Most Flexible: It lets the user customize nearly every aspect of feedback. It's so versatile it can easily be used for:


         Individual 360 feedback

         Informal as-needed   feedback

         Executive coaching

         Multi-rater assessment

         Performance management

         Evaluation of training

         Competency development

         Organizational culture assessment

         Leadership development

         Team development

         Skill assessment

         Needs assessment

         Customer satisfaction surveys

         Market research

         Employee attitude surveys

         Organizational climate surveys

Most Complete 20/20 Insight Gold is the first integrated family of feedback and individual development planning software - and it is affordable:

  • Wizards - Setup is a breeze.
  • Survey Library - More than 1,000 survey questions in 140 skill categories.
  • Measurement Scales - Up to four different scales per assessment project.
  • Comment Options - Three types of item-focused respondent comments, end of survey comments.
  • Respondent media options - Internet/interoffice e-mail, network, diskette, paper, and web response.
  • IDP - Self paced individual development planning software given to all feedback recipients at no extra charge.
  • Report Designer - Select from a wide range of formats or customize new ones.
  • WebResponse Software - Uploading and downloading project data to the web is a simple click "Synchronize" function. Participants complete their assessments all on the web.

Most User-Friendly: Simple nine-step process for setting up a feedback project and preparing individual report.

Most Affordable: Free upgrades and tech support. Permanent unlimited usage licenses available



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Above quote is provided by: Joe Lufts