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The Greystone Consulting Group, Inc. is a woman-owned, small business.  It is an alliance of organization development (OD) consultants, training and education specialists, and executive and life coaches dedicated to assisting individuals, groups and organizations in both the private and public sector with the process of self-awareness, growth, and transition or transformation. Our practitioners are highly skilled in the practical application of the theories of behavioral science and in facilitating the discovery, confrontation, examination and resolution of those problems that interfere with each client’s effectiveness in today’s chaotic and complex world. These consultations and interventions are designed to permit the client an opportunity to thoroughly examine, and if they choose, to alter the fundamental assumptions which might be undermining their happiness, success and productivity.

On an individual level we work with entrepreneurs, senior executives and individuals who are committed to a high level of introspection, personal development and learning. On an organizational level we work with private companies, non-profit organizations and government agencies who seek cutting-edge leadership technologies delivered by professional consultants and coaches with years of practical experience. Results are fulfillment of individual potential, more positive and healthy group dynamics, and improved effectiveness and profitability for business.

Each of our alliance members bring a specialized area of expertise and experience that contributes to our ability to meet each client’s specific needs. Allow us to introduce you to our cadre of senior practitioners....

  • Jim Harden, President & Founder; OD Consultant; Seminar Leader; Group Work Specialist; Motivational Speaker
  • Lynda Jennings-Harden, Owner & Vice President of Operations
  • Carole Lyles Shaw, OD Consultant, Seminar Leader, Group Work Specialist
  • Jim White, Training Specialist; Seminar Leader; Cross-Cultural Specialist
  • Brad Dude, Leadership Trainer
  • Dr. Bea Carson, OD Consultant; Master Action Learning Coach; Corporate Advisor
  • Craig Coble, Action Learning Coach; Seminar Leader
  • Trudi Lacey, Executive Coach and Personal Coach; Seminar Leader
  • Dianne Rankin, Federal Executive and Leadership Coach
  • Ron Nicodemus, Strategic Communications, Marketing, Image and Event Consultant
  • Jeff Whitehead, Experiential Programs Specialist, Challenge Course Designer
  • Charles Vogan, OD Consultant, Executive Mentor
  • Alison Kahn, Writing Consultant
  • Griff Hall, Strategic Planning, Leadership Training and Coaching
  • Alberto Rossi, Strategic/Tactical Business Planning; Seminar Leader; Action Learning Coach
  • Diane Ganze, Training Specialist, Seminar Leader, Focus Group Moderator
  • Sheila Haji, OD Consultant, Seminar Leader, Executive Coach

In addition to these senior associates, our network is able to tap into global talent in areas of Training and Facilitation, OD Consulting, Assessments, and Life or Executive Coaching to create unique staffs for our diverse offerings. 

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  • American Counseling Association
  • Association for Specialists in Group Work
  • American Society for Training & Development
  • American University/National Training Laboratory for Behavioral Science Alumni Association
  • Organization Development Network, Chesapeake Bay Chapter

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The Greystone Consulting Group, Inc.
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432 Cranes Roost Court | Annapolis, Maryland 21409
Telephone/Fax: 410 626-8989 | Email: greystoneconsulting@mac.com



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