Energy, common purpose, spirit, and unlimited potential are present in every organization. What is missing is the key to unlock them. The Greystone Consulting Group, Inc. can provide the key.  









  Podcasts from Jim Harden Founder & President




  • Temperament Leadership Nugget (QuickTime Player - Windows Media Player): Building team relationships is a combination of perception, interaction, and communication. The Greystone workshop on Temperament is designed to breakdown barriers between individuals and groups, enabling the foundation to be built for strong relationships and improved organization performance. Through an interactive process participants begin to understand and appreciate natural differences in individual temperaments that influence behaviors in the work place and at home.


  • Feedback Leadership Nugget (QuickTime Player - Windows Media Player): One of the most important skills influencing motivation, performance, and productivity in the workplace is providing honest, respectful, and timely feedback to co-workers. Despite the fact that all managers are expected to provide feedback, few are ever trained in how to do it. Employees are known to say that the only feedback they ever get is negative- the kind that is most often referred to as "constructive criticism". Seldom does anyone look forward to "receiving feedback". 








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